Monday, October 6, 2008

More shows!

Our friend Natasha at Ithaca Times has some great shows coming up THIS WEEK that everyone should know about!

NACKT INSECTEN and USURPER at 8pm on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8 at No Radio Records. It is all ages, with a $5 donation towards the touring acts.

NACKT INSECTEN is a "slowly-shifting sonic fog of disembodied spectral lungs, blissed-out feedback throb and psychedelic insect chatter by Sick Head cassette label overlord Ruaraidh Sanachan. his label has dished out several slabs of international noise by Skaters, Kylie Minoise, Polly Shang Kuan Band and various other freaks. Ruaraidh also regularly makes din with Opaque, KMVSNI and Eye Shaking Kingdom and has collaborated with Changeling, Birds Of Delay, Taurpis Tula and more."

USURPER is "miniscule free-noise hissy-fits, broken instrument scrapes/ squeals and wordless vocal sputter by Giant Tank head-honcho Ali Robertson and his luddite twin Malcy Duff. Ali has released a pile of remedial free/weird/out/improv UK junk on his label and Malcy is widely regarded as 'Scotland's greatest underground cartoonist.' no shit. together and alone they have jammed with Greg Kelley, Birds Of Delay, Chris Corsano, Adam Bohman, Decaer Pinga/ Prick Decay and more."


USAISAMONSTER and Dufus on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11 at Chapter House, $5 at the door and is 21+.

For those not familiar with the psych/prog noise-rock band, this Brooklyn-based twosome-turned-foursome has a number of stellar releases on Load Records. Load says this of the Monsters:

"The sound of the record is a synapse firing melt of rock and other-wordly whisper. The rock goes from balls out to a gentle, massaging hand reaching into your cortex. Think astral plane hitchhikers like MEAT PUPPETS and SABBATH in the same mental fart as LOAD two piece terrorists. The fidelity of this record is total."

USAISAMONSTER is a must-listen for fans of Rush, Magma, Ruins, or Lightning Bolt. Recently, I've heard Gentle Giant in there somewhere, too. Pitchfork has said some nice things:

"Tom Hohmann and Colin Langevin using their combustible noise-rock to address the plight and lost histories of various oppressed peoples, particularly Native Americans… Hohmann and Langevin display an almost preternatural degree of cohesion, as they corner every spastic, complex rhythm as though they're on rails."

Opening for USAISAMONSTER are local favorites DUFUS! They will be doing their best to bring out the entire crew for this special show as most of them are now based in NYC. If you haven't seen them play live before, you're in for a real treat.

Lastly, our friends at ITHACA UNDERGROUND are hosting a great show tomorrow (TUESDAY) at No Radio: Norweigian drone outfit Svarte Greiner, Richmond, VA solo electronic landscaper Anduin, and Rochester's own noise overlords, Stone Baby. 8pm.

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